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1984 500 SEL AMG Euro
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Enlightened brethren,

Based on my forum search google-fu, I have reason to believe that the sketchy looking vacuum line pictured below was designed to be fed into the crank breather hose. That (crank breather) port is plugged with a screw, bypassing this process which I also have learned may have been performed as an anti-NOx move for CA emissions.

Pictured are each end of the vac line in question. Charcoal canister is located behind passenger headlight.

This is a grey market 1985 500 SEL with a NA 500SEL 117.963, CA emissions added to original euro (AMG hammer) upon import. Short block swap-in after original motor cracked (coolant in crankcase), so I'm pretty sure everything surrounding the motor is euro. Very confusing mish-mash of smog componentry compounded by incompetent indy mechanic over many years. I just want to make things right by her and get some effing 2015 reg tags via passing CA smog (which has taken lots of voodoo, but historically has been possible).

So, does this free end dangle and breathe or does it go somewhere? Please and thanks - there are dozens of threads on the matter but I'm still at an impasse. I will happily supply other pics upon request.


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