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changing the color of instrument cluster

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hi I have a 99 C230 Kompressor and i am interested in doing something to the instrument cluster. Two of the bulbs burnt out in the cluster so while my mechanic is doing that i was gonna have him install chrome rings inside the cluster to accent the guages, i think that will look really good. But i was wondering if you can change the color of the guages or switch them out for the guages that come on a sport edition W202. Any suggestions would be helpfull, i really want to make them look good. Thanks a lot.

Alex S.
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I have a 1995 c280 and I just switched out the black back paneling on the guages with the white guages from a 2000 c230 sport, looks great, its easy to do. Just remove the casing and the needles and then peel off the stickers. Put back together and your all set!
how did you remove the needles on the guages? just pull them?

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