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Changing bulbs to LED, no car is 100% dead

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Hey everyone,

I have a 2010 C300 and I was changing out the bulbs to LED in the car. I went outside for about 20 minutes (while the door/lights stayed on with the key in the ignition to ON). I went outside, took the key out and closed everything and came back inside. 2 hours later I tried to turn on the car and got ABS/SRS error.

I tried charging the car with a portable charger that I had but it hasn't helped. I was getting the dash lights to come on and then dim out and the radio, but after a few times of trying to turn it on NOTHING comes on at all. No dash lights, no radio - sometimes I get the mileage showing on the dashboard but that's it.

I have 2 keys, and tried them both. Both keys worked yesterday, but right now only 1 of them will flicker red when I push any of the buttons.
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