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Changing aircon to thermotronic (bought off ebay)

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I bought one of these (see pic below) thermotronic units off ebay (about £190) and changed it with teh standard 4 dial round model i had in my car.

Althought it does not have all the functions of the thermotronic (sun sensors etc) it does look much better.

It allows you to punch in a digital temperature and then select 'auto' and it will maintain it at that temperature.

Very easy to fit, came with instructions that wern't quite right (think it was partly due to teh 7G gearbox i have and partly that it is a uk car and thus has a full size ashtray with teh 12v socket in teh passenger well rather than next to the ashtray) but never the less it only took me 10 minutes to fit and i think is much better.

Instructions on


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I just realized that in the UK you loose one socket in the SLK since we in the US have a half-ashtray and a socket right below the AC controls as well as one in the passenger footwell.
Yes we only have one, but maybe we smoke less!!!!
I also have the "half" ashtray... (warning, big pic)

It's interesting to note that it's a simple plugin thing. I find it funny how easy it is to rotate the piece around the gearbox off. Good to know!
Hi there, did you purchase it from Tilo ? I am unsure to buy from him as he is hiding his feedback.

Many Thanks
No i bought it from someone with the user id hutschachtel
aquascape - 2/10/2005 2:04 AM

No i bought it from someone with the user id hutschachtel
hutschachtel and Tilo are the same person.
He was fine. He sent me the part within a week along with a tracking number and everything.
Right bought one from him, what differences are there in the install ? You mentioned something about his guide being different

It is pretty easy. Have you got the 7g gearbox. Have you seen his instructions listed on the website?
Ive had a look yes, I just have standard 6 speed, Dont get ituntil the 1st of March for the 05 plate, the anoying thing being that it is sitting in storage at my dealer. Does this control automaticlly control the temp in the car like if it is cold, the hot ac comes on full ?
Yes it does automatically control the temperature. Just leave it switched to 'AUTO' and select teh temperature you want. It will then heat or coll teh car to keep it at the set temperature
Thanks for the reasurance that the seller is genuine. Just got an email to say that he has sent it today.

Many Thanks
No problem. It took about 4 days to arrive and he gave me a trackign number which you can track on the following website link
aquascape - 2/10/2005 5:27 AM

Althought it does not have all the functions of the thermotronic (sun sensors etc) it does look much better.
What functions apart from the "sun sensors" does this mod lack?

What do the "sun sensors" do anyway?
SOmeone told me the sun sensors tuen on the aircon if the car gets too hot when sat in the sun. Not really a problem in the UK
Hi Andy,

I've the 4 dials and your conversion to the thermotronic unit is something I'm considering. New to ebay so can you help with directing with a link and do they ship to Australia?

Yes he posts worldwide

Hope this helps
Just about to order a unit. Thanks for the help.

Excellent post this.

I am awaiting receipt of the thermotronic unit.

Fitment seems fairly straighforward. I have an auto gearbox, do I need to lift the surround off this, or can i acccess the required screws etc, just by pulling out the ashtray???

Many thanks for any help


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