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Changed front wheel bearings now ESP and ABS warnings are on( E320 CDI)

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while going for a test drive after changing out the front wheel bearings the car threw the ESP and ABS warnings along with a brake visit workshop as well. I have had the brake visit workshop on for a while. Seems to be a huge coincidence that all this happened right after I did the maintenance on the car. I have switched out the brake light switch and that didn't do anything.
1. Could I have possible damaged or had a wheel sensor go bad? I Had to pull each of them out to switch the bearings.​
2. I've had the brake visit workshop for a while. Could the SBC system finally have died out on me and threw all these related codes?​
3. Maybe the ESP module is bad, but the fact that ABS warning accompanied it makes me think it could be something else.​
I have already gone into the menu and disabled the ESP and that doesn't do anything. It lets the car come up to a higher speed ( than with it not being disabled, but the speedometer won't work and it goes into a limp mode along with the steering becoming very stiff.

TIA guys for all the help.
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Don't forget that the magnetic ring might also be bad. Lots of times the aftermarket ones causes errors and when they replace it with the MB one, things are fine afterwards.
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