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Changed front wheel bearings now ESP and ABS warnings are on( E320 CDI)

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while going for a test drive after changing out the front wheel bearings the car threw the ESP and ABS warnings along with a brake visit workshop as well. I have had the brake visit workshop on for a while. Seems to be a huge coincidence that all this happened right after I did the maintenance on the car. I have switched out the brake light switch and that didn't do anything.
1. Could I have possible damaged or had a wheel sensor go bad? I Had to pull each of them out to switch the bearings.​
2. I've had the brake visit workshop for a while. Could the SBC system finally have died out on me and threw all these related codes?​
3. Maybe the ESP module is bad, but the fact that ABS warning accompanied it makes me think it could be something else.​
I have already gone into the menu and disabled the ESP and that doesn't do anything. It lets the car come up to a higher speed ( than with it not being disabled, but the speedometer won't work and it goes into a limp mode along with the steering becoming very stiff.

TIA guys for all the help.
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when you mention "wrong gap", are you referring to the distance once you slide the sensor back into the hub?
Ok, after some research on the speed sensor gap, i am going to assume that the magnetic ring on the back side of the hub is pressed in too far on one of them causing the speed sensor to not get a good reading. If this is the case, am I able to undo everything and adjust that magnetic ring/seal?
I bought the FEBI hub and bearing assembly complete. everything was already pressed in and installed i just had to slide old one off, new one on, and slide in outer bearing followed by locking nut. I'm wondering if the magnetic seal on the backside may have been pressed in or pressed out to far by me or before being packaged?? either way i plan on pulling it back off as I remember the drivers side was more difficult to slide on than the passenger side.
ok guys i might have found my problem. the speed sensor slides through the hub and there is a plastic bracket that it shares to secure the allen bolt to hold it all in place. i slid the sensor bolt hole part outside of that cover then locked the bolt down. I watched a video where the sensor goes in first then the plastic shield is placed over top of i,t with the bolt to follow, being tightened down. That could be where the extra distance is coming from causing the sensor to throw all these codes.
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UPDATE!!!! As mentioned above I had the ABS sensors in after i slid the plastic protective cover in place. I swapped it around slid the sensors in first then secured plastic cover in place and WALA everything is back to normal. Stupid mistake on my end. So just make sure you check the little things when doing jobs like this.
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