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change the cabin air filter

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i am sick of paying a bunch of money ... i want to change the air filter of the cabin by myself. does anybody know how to do that? ( i am not talking about the active-carbon filters; these are easy to uninstall)... please show me how.. i dont want to wreck my dashboard.
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Remove the glove box.. Remove the screws and pry it down and out..the the filters can then be accessed.(2)
Very Easy job!
this way (under the glovebox) only the active carbon filters can be assesed. i am concerned about the air filters which lie in the middle of the dashboard. thank ya anyways.
The air filters are behind the glovebox. You have to pull the glovebox out of the dash and the filters are on the right side.
are u sure? i am gonna check it during the weekend.
thanx a lot.
Do you have automatic climate control (dual zone)? What year and model are you referring to?
yes it has climate control (dual zone left-right). it is w210 1999 european model. thank u.[8)]
I just changed mine. Unless your steering wheel is on the UK side then they will be behind the glove box just under the dash line, bellow the airbag, behind the right side vent. The opening is only large enough for one to go in at a time. You slide the the first one to the right and then put the second one in.
I has the same problem. Her are pictures and a lot of info.


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that was very helpfull arvid
thank u[;)]
Nice to hear mpixtis. Thank you[:)]


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