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Change shocks or accumulator on a 560 SEL

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I'm a long time Mercedes lover, but only a recent owner of my "weekend drive" : 1987 560 SEL. It has 213,000 miles but it drives very good. The only problem I am having is when I drive, the rear of the car bounces too much, messing up the ride. I have looked into it, to replace the shocks (which are self leveling suspension) but I dont know if I should replace the accumulators first, since they're less expensive. An interesting "symptom" is that my rear sits much lower than the front of the car.
From anyone's experience, are the shocks gone, or the accumulators need to be changed? I searched the site, but not much help on this topic. CAn anyone give me advice, link, and/or supplier for these parts? So far I have my eyes on Bilstein.
I'm only 22, hoping to expand to my collection...
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You will need to pull the rear seat out to access the fittings on the accumulators. They are behind large round covers behind the seat backs. Not too difficult.

Make sure to check the system after installing the accumulators to ensure no leaks from the lines to the accumulators.

To check the level of the fluid, look for the fill marks on the tank as well as the small dipstick, marked "OEL" on the reservoir.

To check the valve, slide under the rear of the car and unbolt the linkage from the rear swaybar. Manually push the lever into the up position( towards the spare tire) while the engine is running. The system should raise the car to a level position. Or you can get several large friends to sit on the trunk lip, with the lid open, and see if the car raises itself up. It isn't a fast lift but you will notice a gradual rise in the rear end. Watch the level after you get of the trunk lip and watch the height go back down.

Good luck,
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