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Change MY CPS sensor and now my Check Engine light is on

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hello everyone and here I am again.A couple of weeks ago
I changed the cps sensor on my s430 ,and the car started and ran fine ,but a couple of hours after the check engine light came up. My friend told me that it may be a code from when the cps sensor was bad and now the computer is now reading it. the car runs just fine I actually feel that the car is running better since I change the air filter at the same time, I have disconected the battery and it goes off and comes back up after a while can someone guide me the right way. Thanks !!!
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read a code and reset the light. Take it to auto zone they can read the code for free.
If not but $30 code reader

I will but is this a common problem after chnging the cps sensor? or you think that it may be something else? thanks !!!!
anyone else had this problem?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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