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I ordered Posi Ceramic Brake Pads for my 01 ML 320 today.
The stock Rotors look good and really don't need to be changed, but will they work well with the Ceramic Pads I want to install myself????

In other words should I change the rotors or can I get away with the OE rotors that are on the truck??

Thanks for reading

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I change rotors...

I run Axxis ceramic pads... with hard ceramic pads like like Axxis and the relatively affordable prices of aftermarket plated/slotted rotors, when I change pads I install fresh rotors.

If you use the existing rotors, at first you should be fine, but you will run thru the rotor faster/sooner (and could be a lot sooner) than running out the useful life of the pad.

With fresh rotors, you will have good braking for the entire long life of the ceramic pad...

Have fun with it !

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I put ceramic pads onto the stock rotors and had to remove the pads after 2K becuase they screeched extremely loud! Not sure what the cause but I went back to MB pads and all is quiet again. has genuine MB front pads for about 110.00 dollars....

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I just got ATE slotted rotors and ceramic pads from Tire Rck for my ML55. $278 delivered. It takes maybe 45 minutes to do the first one and 30 minutes for the second. Very straightforward.
Take the wheel off
Pull off the sensor / obviously try not to break the wire
Take a punch or 16 penny nail and drive out the retaining pins for the clip??
Take a big screwdriver and pry the calipers out. You are throwing the old rotor away so apply the pressure to it.
Drive out the two pins (the socket side of a 1/4 6" inch extension is perfect.
Take out the 5mm countersunk screw.
Take the two rear caliper bolts off by adding a piece of pipe to make your ratcket longer
Hang the caliper immediatly with a few tie wraps.
Beat the rotor w/ a BFH
Reinstall same

Dealer here wanted $850 so I decided it was worth getting dirty.



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