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Central locking Vacuum pump Location

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Where is the central locking pump located? I had seen where it was located in the trunk and where it was located under the rear seat.

I don't see it in the trunk (only the antenna and the sunroof motor).

And I have had the rear seat out plenty of times and I don't remember seeing it there either.

This is for a 1991 W126
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Thanks guys. Would not have looked there.
I should probably also ask the question and save myself some extra time. For anyone that has chased down these vacuum tubes, where are the t-connections that break off to the various doors? They are slow to operate and thought I would chase them down.

Not the best news. Looks like they would be under the front seats which I think are not easy to get out.
Run the front seats all the way forward for access to the underseat area from the rear.
Will that work? I assumed you would have to remove the carpets.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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