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Central locking Vacuum pump Location

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Where is the central locking pump located? I had seen where it was located in the trunk and where it was located under the rear seat.

I don't see it in the trunk (only the antenna and the sunroof motor).

And I have had the rear seat out plenty of times and I don't remember seeing it there either.

This is for a 1991 W126
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Its in the well where the spare wheel is. In a corner, covered by a plastic cover.
You can peel up the rear section of the carpets. First remove rear bottom bench seat. Unclip plastic sill trims pulling upwards firmly and then you can peel rear section of carpet a bit.
But to be honest, only four bolts to remove the front seats. And then the electrical plugs. The seats are pretty heavy though.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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