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Got a 1999 S500 L, When we had really cold weather recently i kept on losing the central locking. I located the fuse and replaced it and for 2 days it would work and then, POP, it would go again. This happened for 2 weeks during a cold snap.

Now it has warmed up again outside i have been fine for 3 weeks but i would like to get to the bottom of this problem any idea's?

Also the soft close on the drivers door doesn't work it just hisses as it trys to pull the door in but to no avail, and the back left passenger door doesn't always work on soft close either again any ideas?



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There is already a lot posted on soft close malfunction ("soft close" is exactly the search term you need to find it using the forum's search tool, with which you should become acquainted), and also on the PSE pump that drives they system (not to be confused with the Portable Support Electronics module for cell phones).

Happy searching!
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