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Central Locking, Immobiliser, Indicators, Hazard, Radio Malfunction

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Hi Guys
I just had the timing chain replaced on my E220 (W124). After that I had problems starting car. When it did start, it cut after one or 2 minutes. I thought the problem was with the immobilizer system, so I took the car to an alarm expert but was told that that the immobilizer was okay. I then took the car to a Banz Dealer – they replaced the power control relay (or unit) and the car started. However after picking the car, when I got home, I noticed that the following things had stopped working:
1) Immobilizer
2) central locking system.
3) Hazard and indicators
4) Reading light
5) Radio (cant turn ‘on’)

I checked the fuses and they all seem okay. I took the car back to the dealer but they’re saying that they’re not the ones that caused the problem (my view is that they messed things up in the course of trying to find out what was causing the non-starting). They have however suggested that the problem is due to the malfunction of the immobilizer, and they have taken the car to an alarm dealer to fix the problem. Its now 2 days and they have not fixed the problem. They do NOT seem to know the solution. Would the non-functioning of the immobiliser cause the above things to fail?

Please help
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