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New: 2005 w211 E270 132kw; Old: 2001, w203, C220 105kw
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whenever i lock or unlock the car there are beeps (no horn).
When locking 3 beeps accompanied with blinkers appear.
When unlocking only 1 beep and fog lights turn on.

Question is, how to disable beeps?
I don't want to DIY anything that is in the domain of disconnecting or hacking, i just wonder if there is an option somewhere to override turn off these beeps.
I already looked in the instrument cluster menu, there are no options for this.

The car has factory alarm anti-theft some sort of thing, there are 2 buttons in the inside where the interior light is, no idea how to operate these i had little luck finding useful tips or instructions regarding anti-theft and these beeps.

The car is 2005 e270 w211

Anyone here with more knowledge?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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