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This thread is for discussion pertaining to the GTG at surf's place..

what we will need is

a solid date
who is going
what your bringing (food wise if you choose)
What your driving (we only want mercedes benz's but a few exceptions can be made)

I'd Like for this to happen on a Sunday not the upcoming one ( may 27) but sometime after that.. i will be out of town june 19-26 in dallas.

food will be provided if enough people sign up.. a simple 5$ donation will be nice per person.. we are not sure yet.. if you want you can bring a pot luck type deal.. just tell us what it is so we can sort out food allergie things

im not certain about alcohol being servede since im 17.. but if there will be designated driver etc etc you know.

surf does have a pool which will probably be open .. bring the family if you want he has goats and come cows and dogs...

meeting up to cruise to surf's (member at mshop and

i live an hour away from surf's house so those in the central fl area if we would like we can meet up by my house which has a mcdonalds/truck stop and cruise from there.. nice long line of mb's down I-4 or the back roads ( traffic depends)

the tampa people.. umm we can sort that out.. but the same deal but for you guys..

everyone from FL is invited

mog's ML's G wagens.. any mercedes is welcome.. like i said exceptions can be made its really open to any mercedes benz owner.. if your vintage bmw is in road ready condition bring that if the benz isnt up to it. if you want we diesel people i can get some veggie and make some biodiesel in a small batch.


the location is zephryhills florida, the date is set for july 15th


Refer to this thread for more information and such.. id like to have all discussions in one place other than all over.. orginization would be best
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