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With all the numbers available for these trucks, it is frustrating when something I think should be so available really isn't.

The location of the CG of the cab alone is relevant to the tilt, as it appears that it can end up FORWARD of the pivot pins at FTB, hence the restraining strap to prevent the cab from doing a somersault.

The point here is, that is another factor that would overload the pin attachment to the body, although that loading is more aligned with the long axis of the "beam", and the bottom flange of the C section would be better able to resist the attendant compression load. The overload is from a strap that pulls both back and down, to the frame; that extra "pull down" is applied to and resisted by the front pins.

Also, especially for the DOKA's, the relation of the cab CG to the lift and pivot points would tell all re: forces on those points.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts