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1999 E320 4MATIC
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I have a 99 e320 4matic "pre" and my center switches quit working. My daughter was messing with the switches in the car while i was washing it yesterday. I noticed the left/right buttons for the mirrors were both pushed in and they wont pop back out.
Only way to get the windows/mirrors/trunk working again is to lift up on the center console and detach/re-attach the wiring harness that plugs into the switches. But that only works while the car is running, if I shut off the car and then restart it, same thing happens, no switches work until i remove and re-attach the harness to the switches.

I would love to somehow disable the mirror switch for now until i find a cheap used switch console just to save me the hassle off popping off that darn console to do the harness trick. Thanks

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I would get a can of MAF cleaner which is a good size can of non-residue non-ammonia electronics cleaner for $8-$9 - pull that console board - and spray the sh*t out of io working the swtches back and forth at the same time.

The switches don't really "fail" like pre-W210 - but they do get gummed up from liquid contamination..

The switches are one unit - if shopping for a used replacement there are different switch configuration depending on the controls in your E - so a repalcement must have the same # of switches all in the same position..

Keep the beat !

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The center console of my mb 430e 4matic 2000 edition.
If youi are talking about the module with the window, mirror, and trunk release switches, it is called the LCP (Lower Control Panel) module which looks like "U".

It is powered by fuse 3 under the rear seat where the battery is. There is a fuse panel there.

Fuse 3:
as of 1.3.97:
Lower control panel control unit
Rear interior lamp
Models 210.0, 210.6:
Trunk lamp

Check the connector and wiring too. Not only power but also CAN bus connector and cabling. You may have an issue with the signaling over the CAN bus to the other modules.
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