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You will have to remove the console to service the ashtray. Your problem is probably part #148, but of course you will have to check it out first.
This was a nice weekend project. I was able to remove the center console and found a lot of things in it a lot of quarters, visiting cards, bills etc..

Coming back to the ashtray was loaded with coins and plastic clips and visiting cards ...explains what people tend to use the ashtray for .. anyways could get the things to fix and it now works perfectly. btw I discovered spaying WD40 on the ashtray slide mechanism was not a good idea .. it was no longer having the smooth eject.. to fix it I cleaned the wd40 off with spirit and then rubbed a candle over the mechanism/gears.

well, I did not stop there ..I started looking at the rear ashtray and cupholders which were also broken.. for the rear ashtray .. the plastic near the springs that pop it out broke. darn these plastics are very delicate ..

For the cup holders, it was an interesting mechanism.. it had 2 coil springs and both had fallen off. I tried to get them into their grooves but it was a daunting task.. I could finally do it ..but the mechanism did not work as I thought it would ..anyways I think I need to but a new cupholder - what is the part number / cost? Also curios what is the cost of whole center console?

Next I will try to do the door lock (machine gun) on the rear driver side ..
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