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Well, that was my best effort to get W140 in there. What a shitty day!

Here's the scoop - and I'm asking you guys for as you know best about impossibly complex cars, these smartphones should be a walk in the park for you all...

Here's my challenge: I drive a lot, and my cell is my only phone. I find smart phones well, challenging. The iphone is pretty, yes - but its buttons are so small - have you tried texting while you drive with it = DEATH.

So I like something wth real buttons, hence my faithful pair of old Nokia 6620's - that way as I can feel the relatively few keys so easily (like brail) I never take my eyes off the road. Permanent speaker phone if you will. Then I upgraded to Blackberry, yikes buttons are way too small and way, way too many - so I have to look at the phone and hence pull over. Yuk.

So everyone has told me about these new smart phones, voice commands, even voice text. So my Nokia E7 arrived today! Yeah... Looked great, and does what I want - namely I assumed as it was Nokia it would have great call reception. But, it sucked and dropped calls everywhere - even in Whole Foods - WTF!!! - and the instructions came in finnish, even with a finnish power plug. Its going back...

So as you guys know so much, what's the scoop? I cant do iphone as its just not me. Like driving, well a Ford. Pretty, but Im not into gaming and tunes, I want a phone not a DJ.

But this Samsung Galaxy S2 can do voice texts, voice dialing, voice e mails, it seems amazing. Yet it's ugly, seems about to break at every second and is about as well made as a Yugo. Blackberry Torch?

OK rant over. I needed a coffee. Is there a real nokia still out there? Or do I have to buy a POS modern rubbishy thing? If so, which one so I can concentrate on clipping apexes not something called an APP - WTF???
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