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I have a new idea to connect any cell phone to the car speaker system as a cheap alternative to the integrated phone set-up. Of course, there are some disadvantages such as voice quality, full feature set, etc. But my main objective is to get the sound through the car speakers.

The idea is to use an FM modulator that takes in an audio input signal from the cell phone and converts it to an FM frequency (RF) to be received by the radio head unit receiver and play back through the speakers. For this, I bought an FM Modulator from Costco for $25. The FM Modulator comes with an audio cable designed to take audio input signals from devices such as a laptop computer, an iPod, a portable DVD player, etc. Basically any device with an audio out port.

The question that I have is how would I take an audio signal out of the cell phone and feed into the FM modulator? One of the ideas I had here is to take the existing wired headset of the phone, cut the end that normally goes to the ear and convert it to a 3.5mm audio cable that can feed the FM modulator. Other ideas here are welcome.

Another question I have is, assuming that I can feed the audio signal to the FM modulator form the Cell Phone, would the transmission and reception of the voice interfere? In other words, would the caller hear their speech?

In Summary, I am trying to take advantage of the FM Modulator technology to connect a cell phone to the car speakers. Any feedback here is welcome and appreciated.
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