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Ced (or anyone), HELP

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Ced, you mentioned the hesitation problem suffered by your C Class in an earlier post. Can you provide the details? What did MB claim to be the cause of the problem? How did MB resolve the problem?<br>
My C-32 has developed a significant stumble/hesitation at 1200-1500 RPM. Under light throttle, the car seems to stall--only to lurch ahead if given more throttle. Under heavy throttle from rest, the car's low-end power is clearly reduced.
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I think you have what other 32 owners are getting.

Have the dealer check the intercooler switch problem. The SC isn't getting cool air.
Also check the fuse # 23 for the intecooler pump.
Re: I think you have what other 32 owners are getting.

John, can you tell me more details about the intercooler switch problem.
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