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Hi All. I'm beginning to lose hope on the CD changer on my '04 E200 Merc.(W211). I've searched through a lot of forums and have seen similar problems but the details are kind of different. The main problem is the button for opening the CD changer door isn't working.
Bit of history: I've had a similar problem before when the unit was under warranty and the CD changer was sent away to get fixed (back then there was no noise from the motor and the button didnt do anything). When i got the car back the cd changer was working fine as new. Now its not, but its a slightly different problem and not under warranty.

Basically the electric motor which is underneath the CD changer which should push out and pull in the CD magazine keeps running continuously when the car is on. I can manually pull the door out and the motor will stop, then when i press the button the door goes back down, but the motor just keeps on going. But the button doesnt push the magazine out anymore.
I've taken the whole unit out, i checked all the wires at the back and they were a mess and i could see how the wires could possibly snag the mechanism. I sorted all that out but still the same problem. The mechanism works fine, i removed the motor to check this. I tried to stop the motor by hand and this works. I assume this is how its supposed to work; when you press the button the motor should operate in one direction until it hits resistance, then stops. When you press the button again it goes in the opposite direction.
I've obviously had all the cables disconnected, i've removed and put back in every fuse there is in the car. But it seems like a software issue or something, or maybe there's some circuit board controlling the motor which is faulty? Thankfully the motor switches off after a couple of minutes when you switch off the car, otherwise i'd be worried about the battery!
Hope someone can help!
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