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I really need your help because I tried with many forums and Youtibe there nothing that could help me with this.
I try to install a CD changer into my mercedes ( The car didn'T have one before ). but I can'T find where the oranger fiber cable is going because in my CD Changer the FIber + power cable are cutted but poeple told me that I m supposed to have everything prewired behind my radio , so I Started and here is pictures for I Did...

1. The Orange Fiber cable connected to my radio , where is supposed to be connected ? because i can t find where it goes to connect the other side to the cd changer , unless I need another Fiber cable to Add it as an extension


2. I tried to follow to orange wire to see where it goes but couldn'T , is it normal ? do you think it s already connected somewhere Or I can just pull it out and connect it to the cd changer

3. I couldn't find where the power cable has to be connected behind the radio what do you think


Thanks a lot
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