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CD Changer help

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I have a 92 400e (w124) and i was driving and went to change the cd and i think it jammed. it won't eject the magazine. is there a manual eject button,, or do i need a new 10 disc changer?
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The Becker Silverstone 10 CD canger is prone to failure on ejecting. There is a gear deep inside it that falls of the motor. The bad part is if it falls off when it tries to eject the motor will run and drain your battery
I have done it once, did not listen to put superglue on shaft. The first step is see if you can find the gear, mine fell out as i was disassembling it.
If you are comfortable servicing electronics go for it. there are some "heat sinks" and other "torx" held items like shock dampers. The fist time it would not eject, I got the cassette out with a putty knife
The last time it did the battery trick, Mecedes came out and replaced the Battery, a few days later I opened the trunk, and heard the motor. I took it out and its in the box with the ex cell phone, some day!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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