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CD changer cuts off with timer counting

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I have a 02 ML320 and my CD changer stops playing but the time still goes on in the mcs. if i turn the truck off, then start back up the changer plays again. all i hear is static when the music cuts off.
This started to happen as it the weather got colder.
I looked this up in the forums but no luck.

any tips???

PS - i have no more warranty
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I had a similar issue last year

<a href ="" target="_blank">here's my original post</a>. The root cause wasn't easy to detect as it took atleast 3 separate service visits, 2 cd changer replacements, and faulty connection between fiber optic cable and cd changer. Unfortunately, my server is down at the moment I would have provided a pic of the actual diagnostics and service related info during that last visit. I haven't had this problem for a few months now and i'm hoping they fixed it the last time.
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