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Hi guys,

I am from the W126 forum, but this time I am looking for information that most likely would be here: I am looking for the part number of the cable in the picture. All I know is that this cable was used on a 1993 500SEL and it connects the CD player (the rectangle connector on the right) to the Becker audio system through its round 8-pin DIN connector. I am making the assumption that it was used on other W140 models around that year.

Could somebody please tell me what the part number of the cable is? Besides that I am also interested in buying a cable, but for my records I still need the part number.

Thank you


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Difficult question @liviu165
I will admit that I don't recognize this cable and my Becker set up is different.
This is what I have (also model year 93, 4-piece system - head unit, tuner/receiver, amplifier, CD-changer):

(picture shamelessly lifted off of Mercedes W140 Instrument Cluster Repair Homepage)

The same website also shows some common aftermarket kits.

If the cable you've got is a true OE piece, perhaps you can find it here:

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