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Catalytic converter has anyone changed this or cut it out??

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I have a 99 E430 and my front driver side catylitic converter needs to be changed. the muffler shop told me that they cant cut it out because it will interfear with my oxygen sensor. They allso told me that that converter is so small and at such a strange angle that its a real chore to swap out. they did find a 6.5'' converter that they said they can make work but is going tocost me $550
Has anyone made this repair to their car?,any advice or suggestions??
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Benzzino, welcome to the forum. Please complete your user profile re: vehicle and location as that is useful information.

You can't just cut it out, unless you like living with check engine lights.

That said there are plenty of OEM replacements that are weld-in type, so as xm says go somewhere else. For that kind of money you can buy the whole thing, both cats and bolt it in yourself. Check out for some OEM style, buy 'em and take them to a different shop.

If you've lost a cat be sure to consider replacing the O2 sensors esp. if you're close to 100K miles. That is the replacement interval for them anyway.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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