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Catalytic converter has anyone changed this or cut it out??

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I have a 99 E430 and my front driver side catylitic converter needs to be changed. the muffler shop told me that they cant cut it out because it will interfear with my oxygen sensor. They allso told me that that converter is so small and at such a strange angle that its a real chore to swap out. they did find a 6.5'' converter that they said they can make work but is going tocost me $550
Has anyone made this repair to their car?,any advice or suggestions??
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thanks for your sugestions yah that guy i took it to looked a little shady i am going to take it somewhere else but i wanted to shop around for a universal converter first but i am having a hard time finding one. anyone have a link for a universal converter that will fit my application?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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