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I'm now starting to pay more attention to areas of the car that are usually missed.

I've always washed and waxed my care religiously and have always treated all interior and exterior plactics and rubbers with a Silicone based protectant as I have previously explained. (only now and again on the interior plastics to protect against sunshine damage).

The other day, I gave the engine bay a thorough cleaning (and treated all hoses etc..) and it looks SO much better.

I've also inspected the wheel arches and will be looking to treat the areas behind the wheel arch liners against any future corrosion.

By the way, that's one thing that dissappointed me alittle about the W208's wheel arch liners.

If you look at the front arch liners, you'll notice that they don't actually fit snuggly into place against the bodywork. This, unfortunately, allows water and other road deposits to work its way behind the arch liners. If you then look at other cars - even some other Mercedes (the E-Class, for example (the saloon version of our 208's), you'll see that the arch liners are sealed against the inside fold of the wheel arch.

Anyway, because of this, I'll be looking to treat and seal these areas.

BOOT SEAL - I decided to remove this today as I have noticed crap building up against the seal. If you look at the bottom of you rear window (where rain water drains down) you may well see what I am talking about.

I opened the boot, undid the plastic clips that hold the plastic boot ledge in place (and that also parts of the rubber seal in place too) and pulled rubber seal off.

I did indeed find lots of crap in there and gave it a good clean. I was also please to see that there was no corrosion on the body work edge that the rubber seal slides onto.

I then treated the rubber with the above mentioned protectant and waxed all the exposed body work.

.... slip the rubber seal back in place, re-clip plastic boot trims in place and job done!!

Note: you'll notice that the boot lid arms are actually postioned INSIDE the circle of rubber that makes your boot seal. This means that you need to lift it over the boot lid or lay some protective sheets in your boot (so you don't get any crap in your boot!) and work on the seal one area at a time.

Thought I'd share this with you all in case it helps.

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