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Carbon Fiber Engine Cover for C43, E55 (W210), and CLK55(W208)


Hi Fellow C43 and E55 (W210) Owners,

I'm having Carbon Fiber engine bay cover made for C43, E55 (W210), CLK55 (W208). I think it should work for all 3 models. The only difference that I can see is the E55 has a different coolant reservoir location. It'll go over the airbox and the cover that has the AMG/Mercedes logo. There will also be covers for the windshield cleaner reservoir, coolant reservoir, and ECU box. The main engine cover will have a cut out for the AMG/Mercedes logo. The mercedes star on the engine cover for one of my cars peeled off. I know that it's a common problem for the AMG engine cover. So, I can also have logos made of carbon fiber logo (by authorized/licensed logo maker). I can also have a cover made that goes over the fuse box area, but it'll cost more money.

The initial molds (5 total) will cost me a lot, but it'll be worth it because it'll make the engine bay look so awesome. Each mold can do at least 500 pulls. So if any of you are interested, PM me and I'll give you the cost for a whole set. If I can get enough people interested on purchasing a set, it will definitely reduce the cost for each set. The engine cover will not compromise maintainability of the airbox and it will actually help with uniform distribution of heat within the engine bay. The carbon fiber manufacturer is from L.A. and very reputable. Their products are first class not no cheapos from Asia. They've made products for major tuners in U.S.

Let me know if any of you are interested.

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