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Carbon Fiber Dash kits??

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Does anyone know of any company that makes a carbon fiber dash kit for our W203 to replace the boring wood trim or even if any company makes a carbon fiber roof spoiler for our cars? thanks

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Check this thread, he'll make whatever you want...

Check this thread, he'll make whatever you want...
custom dash

Yo, Buellwinkle, you think that its trust worthy though?.. I'm not trying to flame on the guys custom work on his car(looks cool) but it doesn't look like it is real carbon fiber... Have you seen it in person? If it really does look real than it is a thought but I don't know.... Not to mention if it isn't the owners car that is doing the work quality isn't always there because it isn't your car... any thoughts?

Don't know him or his work. Read the rest of the thread, I think someone mentions anothe...

Don't know him or his work. Read the rest of the thread, I think someone mentions another source for this stuff. Also he mentions he can do any finish, he just wanted white but if you want clear carbon fiber he can do it.

Just wondering, since the new coupe has an option for difference style woods, you can probably order that from your dealer, not CF but different.
It looks like the stuff Folia Tech sells...

- I have seen something similar which is nothing more than a pattern adhesive film
- The other stuff is real carbon fiber glued and then finished with resin over your wood or what ever you want to look like carbon fiber.
thanx for the info

thanks for the info guys it sounds good but rather have a company that specializes in doing the dash kits like emli said...I rather glue the stuff on myself so I know that It would come out really well..emli you know which company or where I can get more info?
here is a link to a vendor...

This guys have both kinds.

The adhesive film really belongs in a civic and not in your MB. The film with resin topcoat might look more realistic, but you are risking screwing things up pretty bad I guess. But then again it's your call..
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