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CARB Legal Engine Swap

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More specifically thinking about a manual transmission setup. I know the obvious/most popular choice is the GM E-Rod series of LS engines. Fully dressed with transmission and cats, all brand new with warranty is just under $12k.

But I've been yearning for something a bit different. Ford has the 3.5L ecoboost (PN: M-6007-35T). 370hp/420lb.ft sounds great and in smaller package. But it is not CARB legal. Heck even the 270hp 2.0L i4 ecoboost sounds like it could be fun. In something like a 560SEC, it would make the car rear weight biased. How cool is that! GM is said to be coming out with a 3.6L V6 LF3 crate soon. Good for 430hp/420lb.ft, if they would do that in an E-Rod type setup that would be perfect.

If the entire lot is transplanted from say an ecoboost F150 (excluding the transmission), will that pass CARB certification? Some people say it will some say it won't because the drivetrain has to be certified emissions compliant in your chassis. But then I'm also told that this can be achieved by the sole CARB shop in southern California at a cost of $5000. Massive rip off as its just basically measuring your emissions and then printing a sticker.

Then there is the complication of being OBD2 compliant. If the donor is post 1995 does that mean the recipient needs to be OBD2 compliant as well?

Just trying to navigate the republic of California....

And haters, please contain yourselves :)
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I'm all about turbo-4s, but I think it would be weird to have one in a W126. It would, however, allow you to shave the engine bay and make it super clean. Good luck, man!
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