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Car Wash - Hood Star

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Is an Automatic car wash bad for the hood star? I went to one today & after the result.. the star was out of place.. I just straightened it back up which seems to be no problems but over time would it snap?
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I agree that no car wash is really doing your paint any favors. There is a small eco-friendly chain in Portland, OR that expounds the superiority of their service, but my own eyes tell me otherwise. I tried them once but after seeing how there is only a small amount of water sprayed before the cloth sheet-type things were dragged over the car I knew they were also dragging all the sediment that the spray surely didn't remove.
Back on topic as to the hood star, always check after an automated car wash (if you must use one) to see if the star being pushed against your hood caused any damage to the paint, most places are liable for damage done if it's not aftermarket equipment.
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