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Car Wash - Hood Star

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Is an Automatic car wash bad for the hood star? I went to one today & after the result.. the star was out of place.. I just straightened it back up which seems to be no problems but over time would it snap?
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It "should" be OK as long as no hard objects or objects with force hit or touch it. If only the cloth touches it and slightly moves it out of place then thats no big deal, just straighten it up by hand, no harm done. Just keep an eye out when you go threw it next time and just make sure nothing with force touches it.
Of course there is going to be force. The cloths do touch it.

I like the touchless ones but those are way over priced. $11 for a car wash. Get out of here when I can get one for $5 on the reg touch wash.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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