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Car Stuck in 2. Gear, Oil in the EGS (gearbox computer)

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The so called "better half" went on a long road trip, and about 180 km in, after a construction site on the autobahn, the car wouldn´t want to go above the 2 Gear. So she turned around, drove all the way back to her fathers, took his trusty E39 530 and got home.

The Dad then started to look at the car (after me pleading with him to do so..) and he found alot of oil in the Electronic Gear Box (EGS). So I thought that when the plug was dry 2 years ago when I changed the Oil, it wouldn´t have to be changed. Well you live and learn :D

So, after he removed the "motherboard" from the housing he found a loose part

(found on another forum, not mine!!) the blue Condensator (?? Kondensator in german :D I´m lost for words at the moment..) was floating around... can you just solder it back on, and be done with it?

So for a make shift repair, to get the car 800 km home, is it enough to clean the circuit board, and try to clean the cabling as good as possible, or should I give it to a unknown indie shop, and tell them what I what and hope for the best?

Thanks alot for your guys help.
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The blue electrolytic capacitor should be just fine if you resolder it back in, very important to get it the right way round, stripe is negative, tell tale signs of failure are bulging at the top.
A good clean and dry should sort the PCB out.
There is a lot of info on the transmission on here, make sure the fluid level is correct and replace the connector seals (that's how your ECU got wet).
Kondensator is also Polish name and lately seeking one for my marble saw had hard time to remember English "capacitor". :D
Having the car 180km away is not easy to work with (it is 1 hr of driving in Germany, isn't it?) but you don't know if loose capacitor is an issue for sure.
Those boards sell on US ebay very cheap (thanks to them failing rarely) so here, I would simply buy used one.
Coming to cleaning, I experienced that those things need more of a bath, meaning whole can of cleaner is not overdoing.
You do know you will need SD computer for code clearing?
Once you clean it all up and resolder the capacitor (and replace the nefarious pilot bushing/adapter!), you will have to clear codes from the TCU/TCM and that must be done with SDS, snap on, Carsoft, etc.

Ask the indie what they will use to clear codes, and if it's a meaningful response, then have them do it. Otherwise head to the stealer.

Good luck.
"caps" for short! YES now I remember..

and the car is 800km away.. :/ just for the fun of it. All workshops that could do the repair are closed, or the people able to do the work are on vacation. I have ordered the valve body thingy (Steuereinheit Elektriksatz Platine 722.6 Set E C S R G ML SL SLK CLK CL | eBay) filter, oil, the loose cap will get soldered on, and I hope that it will work after that.

Can I get any other EGS thingy, and just install it? No coding needed? Got any part numbers on hand?? Not quit sure what I really need :confused:

And as to the SDS, I got a good enough deal on a star diagnose computer.. so that should´t be an issue. :devil
uuuuuhhhh i found them!!

Mercedes Benz E Klasse EGS Automatik Getriebesteuergerät 0215451132 | eBay

is that it? 60€ is worth buying it, and having it with me - just in case.
So got the original egs that was in the car, and i cant seem to figure out which way the cap belongs on... Picture below is just to illustrate the position of the cap on the egs52 version!! Anybody got an idea?


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so for everybody wondering, the direction of the cap is correct in the picture above! So if you ever find a loose cap floating around in your EGS52 (52 is important!!) then you now know how to solder it back on!
Give me a few days I have dozen or so of the computers, and look a few.

So Yesterday I travelled to the car, replaced the EGS, filled up on oil, cleared the codes (communication with egs not possible) went for a test drive, and everything worked fine. So I took her for the 800 km trip back home. about 150 km before I reached my destination, the gearbox started to act weird: I was traveling with my usual 150 km/h and as I slowed down for a tempo limit, around 120 km/h the gearbox shifted into the 4. gear, at 80km/h it shifted rather harshly into the 3. gear. I wasn´t able to shift into a higher gear with the shifter. After 5 minutes, it shifted on its own back again. So I went back up to 150, and everything seemed fine. I pulled over at the next reststop, and whipped out the diagnostics and checked codes. none.

Today I dropped the gearbox pan, and it is nice and sparkly.. metallic, magnetic bits every where. Oil smells burnt.. Pics in the next post..
Hope pics are visible

so do I need a new transmission? Or do I clean it, new conductor plate, and plug, fresh oil, and drive it a while longer before replacing it?


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I doubt you still have confidence with this box?
MAVA will give you professional explanation what steel shaving means, but I know they are not good as usually wearables on those boxes are aluminium.
I would expect that in Germany finding good rebuilder would not be a problem?
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na I have no confidence in the whole car :D

Question is, can I fill up the old, and dying transmission with fresh oil (costs only 70€) and drive it, until I have sourced another gearbox.. or are the chances it going boom to big?

Are the 4matics gearboxes any different from the non 4matic´s ? Will any 2001 onward 722.6 fit?
Frankly your shifting problems are not unusual with tranny that have not been serviced - and I understand you are now considering service or replacement.

Frankly - I'm sorry you knocked a cap loose on the "pull" - you need to flood the board clean with MAF cleaner, flood clean the connector - replace tranny adapter plug - properly refill tranny with correct fluid - and THEN you will know if you need to replace the conductor plate.
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Well I serviced it when i bought the car, bit i just checked the plug, and it was dry at that time - so i didnt replace!

And it was the third time it was serviced at that time. So I will to do a part flush today (only have 11liters of the good stuff) drive it for two three days, see how it does, flush the fluid (ordered 20liters yesterday) again, replace filter and then go looking for a replacement in 1-2 months time.
Change your pan fluid only, and filter...

How many Kilometers on the clock?

The lock-up torque converter o-ring on the solenoid could be cracked or hard if your transmission is NOT staying in 5th gear?

What are these two spots in red?

Reset your user adaptations....Second and third link

Your TCM pictures will come in a day or two as they are at my other home.



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The Spots are ceiling lights, reflected :D

I have replaced the fluid, I have flushed the other oil out, using this method:
and just went for a 50 kilometer drive, topped of about 250ml of transmission fluid, and it seems to be working!!! The Diagnosis isn´t throwing any codes either.

I replaced:

The plug + seals
The conductor plate
The Filter
About 8l of old, smelly transmission fluid. (1x 3.7l, and 3.2l I catched from it dripping overnight, + stuff left in the conductor housing and oil that sprayed every which way :D )
Flushed with 4 litres, like in the video, until noticeable redder fluid came out.
I Resoldered the Circuit board of the TCS (EGS in german)

I have ordered another 20 litres of the fluid, and will change/flush it again after about 1000 km´s which will be next saturday.

The car has 370 000 km on it, and as far as I can see, it has been the third transmission fluid change. One done by the PO, one done by me after buying it (about 3 years ago) and now I did the transmission flush.

So Keeping my fingers crossed, I will travel 400km to frankfurt tonight.
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Please set tranny fluid level at correct temp - I assume you have flush cleaned the TCM connector and board.. the tranny fluid that wicked up the wiring harness is conductive and messes with the control signals at the connector/board.

Good luck !
So i arrived in frankfurt on sunday night without problems, no codes any smooth shifting!

2 days in frankfurt and in the city: car stopped acceleration.. Fault code is rom unplausible, slipage

Even removing the tcs, the car will only drive 200 meters before "loosing the gear" if i shut it off an on again it goes for another 200 meters (or up to around 30kmh) shifts into 2 gear and then again nothing... Torque converter seems a likely candidate?

Annoyed greetings from a snow logged train ;)
I don't work on those transmissions (knock on the wood), but bad converter would not get the car moving.
Sounds more like something kicks electronic limp.
Could be mechanical, although doesn't sound like it, or could be electronic.
As I recall you do have good computer scanner?
In US very seldom anybody scans those transmissions for performance, but I read it on Polish forum that computer can track almost every sensor on those transmission.
All the matter of software and skills of the technician.
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