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I can almost guarantee these next few links will answer 95% of all the posts until Spring :cool:

1. Check your glow plugs and electrical system
Mercedes Diesel Glow Plug Repair

2. Do a valve adjustment once a year
Mercedes Diesel Valve Adjustment Procedure

3. There is no point in adding anti-gel additives unless you live in the Arctic circle or you still have summer diesel in your tank (eg haven't filled up since mid September). Straight from the pump diesel will be just fine.

4. If you're truly desperate to start your car up, try shooting a bit of WD-40 into the intake while someone is pre-glowing and then start the car. DO NOT USE STARTING FLUID!!! It is too explosive and can damage the motor.

And finally for the winter months try using a lighter weight oil so the engine isn't pulling cold thick oil at start up. Any diesel rated 5w40 oil will be fine.
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