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car going out of warranty in 7 weeks

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I have a C-240 4 matic (2005) which will go out of warranty in 7 weeks.
The car seems to run fine (I dont have any complaints).Before it goes out of warranty, what should i check to make sure none of the warranty work needs to be done?
I dont know technical aspects of the car as much as ppl know on this forum.So i will appreciate any advise.
Well sometimes when i accelerate i feel a little bit(not much) of hesitation not that it cause any problem.
Just want to make sure if its a problem or its a safety mechanism to ensure safe acceleration?
All responses and advises regarding what to check before the car goes out of warranty will be highly appreciated.
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The only thing I did was go and tell them the front end squeaks. Then they go over the entire suspension and usually change the bushing which seems to be a weak point on these cars.

The hesitation you feel is because the car is slower than molasses :) But tell them there's a hesitation but if they can't find anything, pull the connector on the maf, run it for a few minutes until the CEL comes on, then plug it back in and bring it in, haha, then they have to run more tests.
I would tell them the transmission shifts funny at times also so they give it a good look over too.
Thanks for your response.
Do they usually charge for looking at it if there is nothing wrong?

If something is wrong and covered under warranty they dont charge at all right?

Dont want any surprises that is the reason i am asking
You will not be charged anything at all if they look everything over and find nothing. If they find something wrong, you won't be charged anything. I didn't think of this one earlier, say your a/c isn't cooling to well also.
Slip the SA a Starbuck's gift card, tell them it means a lot to you if they really give it a good once over before the warranty is up. Bribery is not just for 3rd world countries anymore :D
Thanks for all the responses.I appreciate it
I called to get an appointment and mentioned the problem that the car accelerate with hesitation (sometimes)as i discussed previously.
The mechanic who called me to give an appointment asked what kind of fuel do i use i said Shell V-power.He said that they put some winter stuff in it that might be causing the hesitation and advised me to switch to regular gas and also advised me to buy a fuel injector cleaner and put it in gas tank.
He also gave me an appointment so that he can run the codes.
What do you ppl think about switching to regular gas instead of premium?
Check your manual - I think premium is required in all recent MBs. If it is required do not switch to regular, but you could try a different brand if you want to placate them.

I've had good results with Techron, so far as fuel injector cleaners go. Get the strongest stuff, but don't put it in until your last tank before an oil change, it will dump upper engine stuff into the oil. The weaker stuff can be used between changes.
Wow, they are not very smart are they, but then again, not many MB dealer SA's are. All Shell gasoline meets the "Top Tier" standard, so there's absolutely no reason that a car should run poorly solely based on using Shell gasoline. So their answer is to make an attempt to void your warrranty by making you use unapproved fuel conditioners and regular gas, brilliant, that's all I can say, brilliant.

It's very simple, go talk to the service manager, and tell him you got disturbing advice from the SA and you want him to assist you setting up a meeting with the MB Zone rep regarding that dealerships recomendation to fix an engine warranty issue by running regular gas instead of premium and to use fuel injector cleaner not recomended by the owner's manual and since this may impact your warranty, you just want to make sure MB is on board and see if there's any technical bulletins that recomend this and before you do anything, can they put this in writing on their letterhead so if MB rejects a future claim because of this advice, they have recourse against the dealership and it's management.

You have to understand how warranties work to appreciate what they are trying to do. First, MB pays a lot less than you do for repairs. Mechanics are paid based on shop hours billed for a job. So say the MAF is bad, MB may pay for 30 min labor to replace the MAF at $75/hr and you may pay 2 hours labor at $125 an hour so if they are busy, which job would a mechanic want to do? Then factor in the SA's usually get 10% commission, which job would they prefer to do? So many times, warranty work takes a back seat, especially if they know you will bring your car in 2 months from now and pay them bigger bucks.

So how can you beat the system? It's called the Clean Air Act, if there's a situation that violates this act and they knowingly violate it, they can get fined big time, so that little light on your dash, the check engine light, that's one bugger they can't white wash and ignore, why, because our government takes it seriously. How do you get that light to shine bright and proud. Start your car, disconnect as many connectors as you can and let it run and then connect it back up when the light comes on. This will throw so many codes, your car's engine will get a lots of attention. If they do nothing but reset, do it again, haha. Look at it this way, no matter what happens after that, you are covered because you can say 6 months later that you got this code before and they didn't fix it properly.

I know, in a pefect world, getting warranty support from your dealer is expected, but that's just fantasy nowadays.
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Unless you have a 3rd party extended warranty..then theyll be more than happy to help :thumbsup:
Thanks for all the responses
Now i am a little worried they might be trying to play games.He even mentioned that he had a car C-class i assume and he(MB guy) always used regular gas in it and had 75000 miles on it and then sold it.I know in the manual it mentions premium.

Buellwinkle i dont know anything about cars so please help me.Please explain me how to do the connector thing so that they can check the car throughly (as you mentioned)
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