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I'll explain the best I can the scenario I'm in. If the car is cold sitting overnight it will start 10/10 times no issues. If I drive it or sits out in the sun for too long it will crank but no start. When I hit the engine module not hard but a soft hit by hand it will crank right up as if nothing ever happened. The fuel filter and pump has just been replaced, crank sensor, cam sensors as well. Battery is new as well. The lights and everything works just fine no issues.

Once the car starts runs smooth and zero issues. Only way to get it to start once its warm and it doesnt happen all the time when warm but alot lately is to hit the engine module. Now I did take it to a module repair shop he did say he thinks he was able to fix it and it worked fine for 4 days and then back to what it was before. I bought a used module had him clone it but I think he ruined it because its worse. Not sure what he did with it. Have any of you run into this issue?
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