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Car Cover recommendation?

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We have a 2011 C350. My husband is deployed and I want to get a cover for it for the winter since I will be using our SUV (better in the snow, and we don't have a garage).

Any recommendations on the best company? I know good ones are pricey, but in my opinion it's worth it.
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Just a suggestion. Out at JB Lewis/McCord, the command offers dry storage to those deploying. And not on base, they've leased one of the many large warehouses around here. Car transporters load your car on base, off load into the storage building. It dry, secure, weather proof. When you get back, it gets retrieved and delivered back to you. My understanding is it's no charge to the service member.:thumbsup:

The other option might be a dry inflatable "cocoon", often shown in the backs of some car mag's.

Good luck.

Mike K.
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