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Car Cover recommendation?

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We have a 2011 C350. My husband is deployed and I want to get a cover for it for the winter since I will be using our SUV (better in the snow, and we don't have a garage).

Any recommendations on the best company? I know good ones are pricey, but in my opinion it's worth it.
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Car Cover Product Selection

A quality car cover with a soft inner liner will not damage the paint; the key is to put the cover on a car that is clean and waxed. This will help prevent any possible damage from environmental damage (ultra violet radiation, acidic bird and insect excrement, airborne dirt and grime, acid rain, and etc). It will also keep the interior cooler avoiding the damage caused by ultra violet radiation and subsequent photo degradation. This results in discoloration, fading, embitterment, cracking, chalking and/or loss of interior vinyl, leather upholstery, carpeting, and etc

A car cover must allow transpiration; when you have any solid or liquid in a humid environment, you have absorption of water at the surface. Moisture due to condensation must to allowed to dissipate, otherwise the paint will haze and if moisture is trapped it will damage the paint surface. For these reasons when storing a vehicle never place anything (i.e. a water-proof tarp) on top of a car cover

Long Term Outdoor: WeathersheildTM heavy duty (HD) - primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage provides optimum protection from a multi-layer breathable (heavyweight) fabric.


a) http:// Car Covers | Covercraft & Coverking Car Cover, SUV & Truck Covers
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I thought it was bad to put a cover on a car outside, in the winter?
Any covering that will not allow transpiration / evaporation of moisture will be problematic for your cars paint
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