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Car Cover for SLK350

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I haven't actually taken delivery of my baby yet but will hopefully be here in July. I'm already thinking about how to best protect the vehicle while it's parked at my work place. I want a good quality car cover which will protect against scratches from other, less than careful, drivers! The car will be parked in a secure multi storey car park mostly inside but will be outside on the roof at times due to lack of spaces!

I travel a lot to the US so am able to buy a cover from there. Has anyone got any recommendations for a good quality cover which will protect against the elements both inside and out?

Thanks in advance
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hi mate!i had the same problem, till MB supplied the very own R171 car cover. when i got the car, it was summer and car covers for R171 werent produced yet, since the car was first introduced end of March. i sent a complaint letter to MB Germany, received no reply but two months ago, i received a call from the local stealer that very few car covers for R171s arrived.come as fast as u can in order to get one.and i did. the cover is MB-branded and fits my car perfectly. it costs around 180 euros.

i travel to the greek islands very often in the summer so i couldnt go there without a car cover. i dont wont my car to be tortured by the sun that we have here plenty.

i suggest you get the official car cover from MB and nothing else.
Better or Worse Off with a Car Cover??

Ok, on the subject of car covers. I have heard that if you put them on a dirty car (or use a dirty cover) you do more damage than if you had no cover at all. From the dirt scratching the car as the cover is put off and on and from the heat build up inside the cover. I know the SLK has the nanopaint that is supposed to help with scratches.

Any opinions on whether you are worse off with a car cover?
In my case I am better off with it. First, I keep my car clean. And second, it is to protect the car from all the bicycles, scooters and stuff the kids run in and out of the garage.
RE: Better or Worse Off with a Car Cover??

The point of the car cover is to protect the car from dirt and dust once the car is clean. I wouldn't recommend putting it on the car even after 1 day of driving, but it especially helps minimise a build up of dirt on the car if you have to park it outside.

My dealer has soft, water repellent car covers made to fit by a local business. They said they could get one for me-Only $100 AUD (about 60 Euros)
indeed, believe it or not the official MB car cover has an instructions leaflet stating that u must only cover the car when it is clean. dirt can damage the paint. forget the nanotech nonsense. i didnt see any difference on washing. i can still see scratches from washing. i have an obsidian black R171, and all my BMWs are black as well. no difference at all.
Interesting stuff guys. Hadn't appreciated the problem of covering when the car is not clean! However I still think it's better than having your car scratched by other people squeezing past your car with luggage! Will look into the covers from MB but suspect that the UK price will be horrendous!!
I've purchased a few car covers from Califorinia Car Cover Company.
They do a great job and I am waiting on delivery of my cover for my SLK - should be here in a few days.
Cost approx. $200.00 and it's made out a very new material which is light weight (lighter then the Benz cover) and easy to fold up into a small ball - great for our SLK considering the smallish trunk we have.

Here is a link to their web site:

Hope this helps in your decision process.
Hi Andy, I found this advertised in the M-B Enthusiast magazine I have never used them so really dont know how goood or bad it is, but they are in Devon you might want to drive down there one day and see it. Regards EDD11Y
P.J. COVERS Tel:01626 775091
Thanks for the links guys, much appreciated. Now all I need is for my car to arrive - how time drags when you're waiting for something!!
Andy search Google for CAR COVERS there is lots more, and they make it to fit the car as well.
have fun, EDD11Y
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