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Hello people.

Just thought I'd share an opinion..

I know that in certain ways, we are all cut from the same cloth - we all treasure our cars and are passionate about them and we all go out of our way to look after them. With this is mind, I'm not in any way going to lecture/ tell anyone how to look after their cars..

But I just wanted to share a tip with you.

I see lots of lovely looking CLK's all over this forum but I also often see pictures of greying, weathered looking seals around door frames, engine bays, boots, headlights etc.. (I'm refering to the black rubber that fades and cracks after much time exposed to the elements. You may notice that if you look closely at the rubber seal around the door frame, that it is most likely grey with shallow cracks in it.

What I do, is apply a silicone based protectant to all rubbers around the car - including around the door handles, boot keyhole, the outer surface of the windscreen wiper arm (the wiper arm on my dad's older E-Class is now completely grey!), even the grills at the bottom of the windscreen (either side of the wiper pivot point).

Basically anything rubber or plastic that is exposed to the elements.

Doing this, coupled with usual thorough regular cleaning, will truely give your car a "brand new" look. It will also ensure that the rubbers/ plastics do not break down as quickly or at all!

Water will simply bead off of the treated areas.

All black rubbers and plastics on my car are black, shiney and protected (and the rubbers stay supple!)

You can use tyre dressing that you probably already have for your tyres or buy specific products (but they do the same thing in my opinion)

Hope this has been more of a help and less of a lecture.

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