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Can't open glove box

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Just bought a 96 s320 and the clove box door wont open. I made sure its not locked and hit the button and the door wont pop open. Any other way of opening the glove box if the button fails?
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The latch inside has probably got stiff or seized. Mine's the same, if it's unlocked get an assistant to hold the release button in while you grab the glove box lid with both hands and pull sharply down, it should open without breaking anything.

It's a little job I have on my list to do.
Could be that the cable housing is out of its seat.

You can remove the lock and pushbutton mechanism to inspect the button side of the cable. If the cable is off at the latch side inside the glove box, I don't know what you can do. It's not a simple procedure to describe to remove the lock and buttons. The lock, glove box button, and spectacle box button are all mounted in a single housing. I would recommend to help you out with removing the lock and buttons, if pulling it open as described above doesn't work.

thanks I will give it a try. It feels as though the cable sumhow detatched.
I had the same problem I took it to the dealer and it took all of 5 minutes if that to fix it. He told me the cable needed adjusting. How he did it so quick I don't know and when I ask he just said "he is a trained tech" and smiled[}:)] So it is simple if someone will tell us how too.
There is a wheel to turn on the latch mechanism inside the glove box.

This is useful if your glove box is difficult to open but still can be opened. However, it's useless if you can't open the glove box to begin with.

If I recall correctly: 1. open glove box, 2. remove light cover (and dislodge the light from the box I think. It's been a few months since I had mine apart.), 3. remove 2 screws along the lower edge of the glove box, 4. pull out the glove box liner to reveal the latch mechanism, 5. turn wheel on latch to adjust. I may be forgetting a fastener or two to remove to get the liner out, but it's simple.

Thanks to Brett San Diego, I have just managed to adjust the cable on my s420 glove box which was difficult to open without pulling the glove box lid.
Getting to the adjustment wheel is very simple and here are further instructions to what Brett gave.
(1)Remove the light fitting by pulling. Remove the wire connection plug and set the light fitting aside.
(2) The glove box liner is held by four plastic gromet type clips (male/female), 2 on the top on either side of the latch and 2 on the bottom inside the glove box. Use a flat blade screwdriver to gently prise out the male clips followed by prising out the female clips.
(3) Removing the clips will free the liner. Use your fingers to gently free the bottom of the liner and a tug will allow it to be completely removed from the glove box.
(4) Adjust the cable with the wheel to the point it operates the latch. (I pushed a small flat screwdriver into the latch to mimick the lid closure and kept on adjusting and pushing the open button to the point where the screwdriver was released from the latch indicating correct adjustment.)
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Jeez, as easy as that? I'll give mine a go on the weekend.
waw People This is one of a post just fix min it was hardly open fallow the instruction and did it

Thank you all
any one have any pictures of this unlocking of the glove box ?..i have a cl500 1998
I have no pics, but I just held the button down, and snatched the door open.
Then it's an easy fix. 4 push in rivits, and one electric plug on the light.
A few drops of 3in1, and a couple turns of thumbscrew, then put it back together.
Works great.

now, on to the sluggish sunglasses door.
that would BREAK the Latch and Be quite Expensive,, NEVER force anything,, thank you anyway,..
Interesting that several posts before, the same process was mentioned, and no-one said anything about breakage.
I didn't break anything, and got it working just fine.
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