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Can't lock doors & sunroof with remote?

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My 2003 E 500 stopped being able to open and close the windows with the smart key (the summer opening feature). Its when you press and hold the lock button on the key and point it to the drivers side lock and it would close my sunroof and lock my doors and would close opened windows; and vice-versa when you unlock. I noticed it "only works now from the passenger's side lock" as I press the button on the key, not the driver's side as it used to. Maybe a sensor not working? Help please?? :bowdown:
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I had the same problem, the Smart key opened the windows and roof from the passenger side only, but not the driver's side. More than likely, it is the IR sensor located in the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is about $130.00 and installation approximately an hour. To get a replacement lock cylinder, you will probably have to get it from the MB dealer because MB cracked down back in November on security and the documentation to get a replacement.
Also, try replacing the batteries in the remotes as they tend to get lazy as the batteries get weaker.
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