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I am not sure if Canadian values are high or just the sellers.
1972 450 SL with 88,000 miles. Silver interior and soft top , skinny bumpers(euro style)
Out of 10
Interior 7 (no wood on dash or console)
Soft top 7
Paint 5 (due to 8 visible rust spots)
Overall look 6
I also looked underneath and found both floor pans with 1 foot diameter holes.
Asking price: $12,000.00 CAD
The seller was ready to send it to the bodyshop for a makeover and relist at $19,000.00.

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Probably a reflection of supply and demand. Unlike a good portion of the U.S. a convertible in Canada is a somewhat unreasonable car to have as you can use it only 6 months of the year. Add to that the fact that these cars were one of the most expensive in the Benz fleet and its not hard to see why they are relatively scarce in Canada. Good news for us 107 owners!

As for your example above the guy selling is either an idiot or cunning as a fox if he can that price.
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