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I got two different stories from a tire dealer today. One guy said never mix ratings, the other guy said no problem. I'm running W's on the front and can only get v's for the rear by the same manufc. Is this a problem??
in most cases it wouldnt matter. only at highspeed would it make a diff, how much is debatable though. iv got perelly tiers of 2 dif speed ratings, & was doing some 120 mph driving, ballence was bad, so cant tell what the diff. would be. but your tiers start to pile up in front of itself at high speed! cuz it cant pull itself backaround fast enough. perhaps hispeed tiers are better that way? so at highspeed you would have the tiers doing diff. things. pair them up( front & back )speed rating on front.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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