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W140 S class, E31 850Ci, XC90 Exec AWD geartronic
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Mercedes broke my wing-mirror during a service(!) and have fitted a new one...

BUT the electric controls seem to be reversed! Am i right in saying that up is UP, and down is DOWN on BOTH mirrors? I can't remember, but i'm sure it was!

on the mirror they've changed if I press the control up, the mirror does the opposite!!

PS Mercedes garages here in the UK seem to be run by monkeys!
The motor and its carrier has been fitted upside down...easily done, get them to correct it

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W140 S class, E31 850Ci, XC90 Exec AWD geartronic
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Re: Complaint Letter

Good Luck, I dont think they will offer you any compensation, at most you may get an apology letter.

I suggest that you write to their head office. They will have the power to offer you something and will question the dealership on quality and the events.

On the whole, I havent had a bad experience from a Mercedes Benz of West London. In fact I would say that their service is outstanding (other than the price). They go out of their way to make me feel special and help out wherever they can.

It's the 14th thing they've cocked up!! Here is my complaint letter!!

Dear Sir/Madam

I feel I am forced to write to share my horrendous experience with Mercedes Benz of Milton Keynes. I assumed a garage that sells £100,000 cars might offer something special in the way of service, but I was sadly mistaken. Here is a chronological list of the problems I’ve had with my S-Class in your care:

• Car in for central locking pump and alarm horn failure (original fault not yours).
Had to refit parts of boot lining myself after less than adequate job.
Alarm not even checked!

• Car in for new number plates.
Neglected to tell me I needed to bring V5 document.
THEN neglected to tell me I needed to bring drivers licence (two visits!)
Plates fitted on plinths that collided with electric boot handle.
Plates refitted with no plinths, but rear plate wonky. Had to re-drill myself.

• Car back in for broken alarm horn.
Wrong alarm part ordered.
Collect car to find wing mirror hanging off.
Replacement wing mirror not ordered. Had to chase up weeks later.

• Car back in for broken mirror.
Wrong mirror ordered!!! Unbelievable!
Heard nothing for weeks afterwards. Had to chase up again.
Team leader on holiday. No record of replacement order!

• Car back AGAIN in for broken mirror.
Mirror fitted, but electric controls now operate backwards!
Mirror glass does not match opposite side (rim and tint).

The service I’ve received is both shoddy and unprofessional. This is the sort of disastrous experience I might expect from a back street garage, but not from Mercedes. It leads me to believe that your staff do not know the cars, and the quality control and parts ordering system is not up to scratch. I’ve wasted considerable time on journeys to the garage, and not to mention the stress of these FOURTEEN consecutive mistakes.
I believe some sort of token gesture from you is in order. Anything less than a free future maintenance service would be totally unacceptable.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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