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It's funny how bad Mercedes Stealerships are all over the world!! Here, we have three and each is worse than the previous one. It all starts with their sales people, not one of them knows ANYTHING about the cars they make a living off of. Then, the service departments don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. When I originally bought my 500SEL, I took it to John Sisson Mercedes-Benz in Washington, PA to have them give it an inspection to be sure the car was in complete working order before I bought it. 3 hours and $150 later, they came back with a clean bill of health (except the AC evaporator). The diagnostic sheet they gave me said they checked the brakes, the suspension system, the tranny, the engine, basically everything. That being said, I bought the car and took it home. Within an hour of arriving at home, the transmission needed replaced and I discovered that "really bouncy feeling" was infact the rear suspension system needing work and I needed new front pads and rear rotors!!
Needless to say, I was pissed! I called and spoke to the service manager, among others to inform them of their incompetance and they appologized and said they would give me a 10% discount if I brought the car in to get the rear suspension fixed! From that day on, I haven't stepped foot in a Mercedes stealership!

OH totally forgot, a friend of the family went to the same dealer to buy a new E-Class and when his "custom order" came in, they ordered the wrong color and options!! He was pissed and ended up with a BMW..... If Mercedes plans on staying in business, they need to either A) Be more like Lexus or B) Revert back to the 1980's when they were the best of everything, EVEN IN THEIR STEALERSHIPS!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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