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Can you guys beat this?!

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Today driving to UNC from WCU, I got 20.1mpg. Pretty good. Has anyone ever got this high? Or higher?
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Yes, I did! I had an 00 430 that was good on gas too!
Last summer I drove from Santa Maria Ca. to just west of Billings MT. a total of 1340 miles. I averaged right at 20 MPG. Most of the mileage was on I-15 @75 MPH. On the return trip there were sections I could get up to 23 MPG, probably downhill. I just bought an 05 500SE so those days are probably gone. Never had any problems with the 430 in 45K miles. The new 430 owner got a good truck! [8D]
Okay, I might add some tricks I use for mileage. First of all take it out of cruise when going down long hills and let it coast against compression. Watch your instant mileage mode on your trip computer it will go to 70MPG or better until you get back on the throttle. Another trick I used was to drive in the draft or wake of big trucks. Do this and you'll see what I mean. Never follow a big truck in the same lane, they'll throw stones at you. If the traffic will allow it get in the left lane a few yards behind an 18 wheeler and watch your instant gas mileage. As you pass the truck and come out the front you'll see it drop drastically. Trick is to stay 20 to 25 yards behind in the left lane when he's in the right. Once again only if there is light traffic. Another vehicle this works on is a Cadillac Eskalade (sp) They must push a lot of wind too! The first trip I took of 175 miles in my 500 I got 19.2, so maybe I just drive right, or the 500 isn't as bad as I thought! [8D]
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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